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Maai Light

April 28, 2018

MAAI 2018, LEDS C4

It is born a balanced, lightweight piece completely adaptable to the space. Whether installed on the ceiling or on the wall, it can be adjusted 350º thanks to an invisible rotation mechanism.

Maai is a very interesting novelty of 2018. Developed by LEDS C4 in collaboration with Artec3 Studio, it is a totally versatile indoor fixture that is able to adapt perfectly in any kind of space. Its pure and neutral geometric design makes it so simple that it may seem a piece of art.

  • It consists of two totally identical pieces.
  • Each body is white, rectangular and flat, and manage to lodge in only 3cm all the necessary technology to emit a powerful flow of between 900lm and 3.360lm.
  • At first glance you may see two perfect white rectangles, but once lit, one of the sides comes to life through a fully opal diffuser to fill the space with light.
  • We can use Maai as a wall sconce directing the light towards the ceiling or the floor, or as a surface ceiling fixture directing the light towards a wall.
  • It is also possible to use Maai in a combining system since each body is independent. In any case, with this fixture we will achieve not only a 100% comfortable indirect lighting, but also an absolute integration within architecture.
  • The union between the pieces is simultaneously a fixation system and an invisible mechanism for a 350º rotation. This is the reason why we are able to direct each piece individually towards the needed surface.
  • The multiple Led modules used in Maai have been strategically placed on the emission surface to, in combination with a diffusing material of maximum quality, achieve an incredible uniformity and visual comfort.
  • Maai is a great option in residential projects or common spaces where high lighting levels are required, but where visual comfort and integration within architecture comes first.
  • It is available in two colour temperatures: neutral and cold, both with a great colour rendering index and high efficiency levels.

Maai, Quality, uniformity and visual comfort.

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I Ceiling Mounted

II Wall Fixture

III 350° Adjustable

ATOM Spotlight

April 28, 2018

ATOM Collection – Spotlight, LEDS C4

Minimalist and versatile spotlights, available in an extensive range of finishes, to blend in with surroundings or produce a spotlight effect. This versatility makes them ideal unique pieces for commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants.

  • The polycarbonate lens provides greater light control and ensures that this range is 10% more efficient than other similar spotlight models, which use other types of reflectors.
  • LED, 3 Step MacAdam ellipse and CRI 90.
  • Made of aluminium to maximise heat dissipation.
  • Available in black and white finishes facilitating optimum integration into any space.

Atom, lighting under control.

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I Ultra Medium

II Medium

III Ultra Flood

Taglio Di Luce

April 28, 2018

Taglio Di Luce – LEDS C4

  • Taglio Di Luce presents a new concept in technical lighting.
  • This linear system opens the doors to integrated lighting where light blends into the space.
  • The range offers architects and designers the possibility of playing with the light and its effects on walls and ceilings creating different linear displays.
  • This product range allows you to play with light to create various compositions that give the space character and personality while providing elegant and original lighting for all sorts of environments.
  • Taglio di luce is a versatile and flexible solution designed to integrate light into simple spaces or large rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants or showrooms.
  • Taglio di luce manages to integrate light and architecture perfectly, ensuring that the lighting element takes on new importance and provides another construction material to work with.
  • To create the right composition, you simply need to imagine how users want to perceive the light; it can be anything from a subtle glow achieved using indirect lighting options to a veritable blade of light achieved using direct lighting profiles, capable of creating windows of light that command a major presence within the space.
  • For best results and evenly distributed lighting, we recommend installing Taglio di luce with ON HP,
    ON PL or ON SP LED strips, as they guarantee a standardised beam of light without irritating points or dark areas.
  • Its structure made from aluminium and finished in white powder paint, can be adapted to the needs of every project given that it is painted in The One Colour* standard colours offered by LEDS-C4.
  • Thanks to its modular nature, Taglio Di Luce is available in different sizes which allows the piece to be adapted to any shape through the use of profile structures and coupling kits, thus favouring an excellent fusion and finish in any space.
  • With a range from 1280 to 2880 lm, and three power outputs, this constitutes a versatile and flexible piece perfect for lighting anything from the most simple space (bathrooms, hallways, etc.) to those on a much grander scale such as hotel lobbies or hallways, restaurants and showrooms, using original effects and combinations of light.

Taglio Di Luce, A structure capable of integrating light into the architectural space.

Infinite Collection

April 28, 2018

Infinite Led Lens – LEDS C4

  • Infinite Led Lens is a linear solution designed to offer complete control over the lighting for your space.
  • This entirely functional luminaire also offers outstanding efficiency as you can adjust the light flow
    to suit the situation or time of day..
  • Infinite Led Lens is the perfect option for lighting specific areas within a space, such as shelves, exhibits, tables or workspaces, providing a high light flow, visual comfort and even distribution.
  • Since its conception, Infinite Led Lens has been designed with maximising control and efficiency in mind.
  • The result is a 100% functional luminaire, able to respond to those spaces with very specific requirements of high flow and control, which allows specific areas of an environment to be highlighted.
  • The concept of modularity allows pieces to be added to fill long corridors and linear spaces with light, with 4000 lm per linear metre in each of its versions (surface, recessed and pendant), making optimum levels of lighting possible, even from great heights.
  • The body is made from very pure aluminium, finished in grey or white powder paint.
  • Polycarbonate has been chosen for the lenses due to its high transparency, characteristics that make it possible to exceed 90% lighting efficiency for the whole group.
  • Infinite Led Lens is different to other linear options due to its high comfort and output, offering 152 lm/W, in addition and thanks to the DALI regulation, sensors, timer switches, etc. can be automated to adjust the flow according to different situation during the day, therefore reducing energy consumption.
  • Infinite Led Lens is the perfect choice for highlighting and lighting specific areas of a space, such as shelves, displays, tables or to be installed in corridors and working areas in offices or shops. Infinite Led Lens, maximum efficiency, maximum control.

Infinite Led Lens, The Infinite collection expands its offer of linear solutions to include Infinite Led Lens.

Luno Collection

April 28, 2018

Luno Collection – LEDS C4

  • Luno, the new collection in the LEDS-C4 technical range has arrived.
  • Luno fills spaces with the light that it gives off in its four versions and multiple combinations.
  • With its cylindrical shape and pure lines, this collection is available in three versions, a wealth of designs and possibilities for lighting large spaces such as halls, auditoriums, conference halls, restaurants or hotel lobbies and communal areas.
  • It represents a deco-tech piece, with great character thanks to a minimalist design and an impressive light.
  • Luno fills spaces with the light that it gives off in its four versions and multiple combinations.
  • The adjustable recessed version allows the luminaire to be controlled in depth and height achieving total integration into the space and emphasizing the effect of the light. This option is suitable for spaces that require a large flow of light with minimum impact of the piece.
  • Luno surface, invokes character and presence in the spaces.
  • Luno pendant, available with a rosette and cable in a triangular shape or on its own with adjustment points,adds design and simplicity to the spaces it creates.
  • This collection has been made in four sizes, Ø 400, Ø 600, Ø 900 and Ø 1200 and in a black or white finish.
  • With a range from 3,200 up to 16,000 lm makes for an impressive and subtle piece, with an extensive flow of light, perfect for creating displays and easily filling large spaces such as reception areas, public rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • It comes with a 3000 K or 4000 K option, and a high uniformity diffuser, resulting in a homogeneous beam of light, free from irritating dark points or areas.
  • This is a high performance collection, made from extruded aluminium and PMMA, without lateral solders, restating some excellent quality finishes.
  • Filling spaces has never been as easier, now with infinite possibilities from a single collection, Luno.

Luno, Fills spaces with the light

Action Spotlight

April 19, 2018

Action Collection – Spotlight, LEDS C4

The Action collection incorporates lens technology in order to maximise control and increase the efficiency of the luminaire. With this important innovation, being able to emphasize the scenes and focus the attention on whatever you like becomes a very simple task. The changes to the lens, allows you to get rid of the irritating residual halo, creating a much more useful light, without any kind of light pollution.

  • Ideal for lighting shops and restaurants the Action projector, in its most extensive range, stands out due to its excellent lighting control.
  • Available in black and white finishes facilitating optimum integration into any space.

With a wide range from 2700 K to 4000 K, and reaching up to a less common CRI 98, it is worth mentioning the Retail option, which allows each and every situation existing in any retail outlet to be emphasized, from the browns and golds of a bakery, the bright color Action Lighting under control, ideal for lighting shops and restaurants lours of an appetizing piece of fruit or meat, or the subtle shades of a haute couture garment.

The AC versions incorporate phase cutting regulation as standard in all of its outputs, achieving maximum saving and integrity in the pieces, and converting ACTION AC into one of the most compact projectors on the market with these characteristics. With a range from 1800 lm to 3000 lm and incorporating new angles and outputs, it provides the collection with maximum versatility and adjustment. The Action collection is growing to respond to the changing needs of retail lighting with many options which can be adapted to meet the needs of every project.
Action, lighting under control.

+ Optical Angle – Action Spotlight

I Spot

II Extra Spot

III Ultra Medium

IV  Wall Washer