Technical Lights

Technical Lights

The aesthetic appeal of a building creates the signature. To devise that signature, the lighting designer is tasked with adorning the space in a way that enhances its character. This possible by determining if it should be subtly blended into the background by meticulously choosing options. For example, a down-light LED can understatedly improve the look and overall experience of a space. He assesses the kind of emotions a lighting fixture should evoke. LEDS-C4 suspended lights or track lights can illuminate specific spaces to dress-up or tone-down a room according to the occasion or mood.

Secondly, the ergonomic aspect comes into play. By focusing on energy efficiency over-illumination can be avoided. Illuminating vacant spaces unnecessarily can compromise productivity and also cause wastage.

I Spotlights

II Downlights


IV Suspended

V Signal

VI Lineal Light