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ATOM Spotlight

April 28, 2018

ATOM Collection – Spotlight, LEDS C4

Minimalist and versatile spotlights, available in an extensive range of finishes, to blend in with surroundings or produce a spotlight effect. This versatility makes them ideal unique pieces for commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants.

  • The polycarbonate lens provides greater light control and ensures that this range is 10% more efficient than other similar spotlight models, which use other types of reflectors.
  • LED, 3 Step MacAdam ellipse and CRI 90.
  • Made of aluminium to maximise heat dissipation.
  • Available in black and white finishes facilitating optimum integration into any space.

Atom, lighting under control.

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I Ultra Medium

II Medium

III Ultra Flood


April 26, 2018

Juncus – LEDS C4

  • Adjustable 90º
  • Can be fixed into the ground with a spike.
  • 4 different heights to fit on any project needs.
  • The zoom system allows to adjust the beam angle
  • Offering the highest level of outdoor visual comfort, Juncus is a spotlight with a zoom lens system which is hidden within the cylindrical body of the luminaire, allowing manual adjustment of the halo light aperture.
  • Its minimalist design, brown finish and height positioning versatility means that it can mimic surroundings, blending in perfectly with the landscape.

Juncus, The Highest Level of Outdoor Visual Comfort.