Action Spotlight

Action Collection – Spotlight, LEDS C4

The Action collection incorporates lens technology in order to maximise control and increase the efficiency of the luminaire. With this important innovation, being able to emphasize the scenes and focus the attention on whatever you like becomes a very simple task. The changes to the lens, allows you to get rid of the irritating residual halo, creating a much more useful light, without any kind of light pollution.

  • Ideal for lighting shops and restaurants the Action projector, in its most extensive range, stands out due to its excellent lighting control.
  • Available in black and white finishes facilitating optimum integration into any space.

With a wide range from 2700 K to 4000 K, and reaching up to a less common CRI 98, it is worth mentioning the Retail option, which allows each and every situation existing in any retail outlet to be emphasized, from the browns and golds of a bakery, the bright color Action Lighting under control, ideal for lighting shops and restaurants lours of an appetizing piece of fruit or meat, or the subtle shades of a haute couture garment.

The AC versions incorporate phase cutting regulation as standard in all of its outputs, achieving maximum saving and integrity in the pieces, and converting ACTION AC into one of the most compact projectors on the market with these characteristics. With a range from 1800 lm to 3000 lm and incorporating new angles and outputs, it provides the collection with maximum versatility and adjustment. The Action collection is growing to respond to the changing needs of retail lighting with many options which can be adapted to meet the needs of every project.
Action, lighting under control.

+ Optical Angle – Action Spotlight

I Spot

II Extra Spot

III Ultra Medium

IV  Wall Washer