Maai Light

MAAI 2018, LEDS C4

It is born a balanced, lightweight piece completely adaptable to the space. Whether installed on the ceiling or on the wall, it can be adjusted 350º thanks to an invisible rotation mechanism.

Maai is a very interesting novelty of 2018. Developed by LEDS C4 in collaboration with Artec3 Studio, it is a totally versatile indoor fixture that is able to adapt perfectly in any kind of space. Its pure and neutral geometric design makes it so simple that it may seem a piece of art.

  • It consists of two totally identical pieces.
  • Each body is white, rectangular and flat, and manage to lodge in only 3cm all the necessary technology to emit a powerful flow of between 900lm and 3.360lm.
  • At first glance you may see two perfect white rectangles, but once lit, one of the sides comes to life through a fully opal diffuser to fill the space with light.
  • We can use Maai as a wall sconce directing the light towards the ceiling or the floor, or as a surface ceiling fixture directing the light towards a wall.
  • It is also possible to use Maai in a combining system since each body is independent. In any case, with this fixture we will achieve not only a 100% comfortable indirect lighting, but also an absolute integration within architecture.
  • The union between the pieces is simultaneously a fixation system and an invisible mechanism for a 350º rotation. This is the reason why we are able to direct each piece individually towards the needed surface.
  • The multiple Led modules used in Maai have been strategically placed on the emission surface to, in combination with a diffusing material of maximum quality, achieve an incredible uniformity and visual comfort.
  • Maai is a great option in residential projects or common spaces where high lighting levels are required, but where visual comfort and integration within architecture comes first.
  • It is available in two colour temperatures: neutral and cold, both with a great colour rendering index and high efficiency levels.

Maai, Quality, uniformity and visual comfort.

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I Ceiling Mounted

II Wall Fixture

III 350° Adjustable