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Raw Collection

April 26, 2018

Raw Collection – LEDS C4

Raw is a collection of pendant lights and table lamps that champions craftsmanship given that each piece is unique. The design pays tribute to old-style jars; showcasing their form and making a statement using something old-fashioned.

  • Beyond the piece itself, its organic shapes are reproduced in the light that it produces.
  • The luminaire uses glass as a tool to create a beautiful and impacting effect enhancing the charm of the space in which it is situated.
  • The material is the main element of the piece and is available in three finishes to match your mood: green, amber and smoky.
  • With the power of an LED luminaire ranging from 550 to 3,480 lumens and a colour temperature of 3000 K it provides a warm light, which is controllable through a honeycomb panel included to create the desired effect.
  • Ideal for relaxed atmospheres in restaurants or harmonious domestic spaces, single and combined Raw pieces embody and emit beauty.

Raw,  Unique Effect.

Legato Hand-made Collection

April 24, 2018

Legato Collection – LEDS C4

Legato is a collection based on geometric forms that can be adapted to any space, thanks to their handcrafted materials and finishes.

  • With a cage-like metallic structure, this collection is characterised by triangular and hexagonal shapes that give character and determination to the piece. Also, the shade made from cotton chords accentuates its tasteful handmade elegance.
  • Combined with black-beige and copper-grey, this luminaire incorporates an E-27 bulb socket, which can be used with a bulb of your choosing, and even create a vintage style.
  • Available as a wall and pendant light or versatile table lamp, it can be placed in different positions or used for living room floor lighting.
  • Ideal for mood lighting in halls and communal areas of hotels, restaurants and residences. Its large volumes and versatility make this piece the perfect finishing touch for any creation.

Legato, A Hand-made Collection.

+ Legato Collection – Pendant – Table – Floor – Lamp

Drone Light

April 24, 2018

Drone Collection – LEDS C4

Designed by Manel Lluscà this deco-tech wall light introduces gold as a new interior finish. The collection is growing, offering a large variety of combinations to its white or dark brown structure, finishing the luminaire with a chrome, copper or gold diffuser.

  • This personalisation gives professionals a unique and eclectic piece, with metallic finishes that brings style to any space, combining aesthetics and functionality.
  • The aluminium structure provides high quality and durability, it is available in 2700 K and two power outputs 550 – 1100 lm, ensuring visual comfort and warm lighting.
  • Due to its dual functionality as a wall and ceiling light, Drone is ideal for hospitality projects and display in transitory areas and as a light source above the bed, given it can be rotated 360° in total silence. As well as being an intelligent option, its LED technology will appeal to those who are looking for energy saving and high efficiency.

Drone, A fashionable piece with many functions.

+ Drone Light – Wall Fixture – Ceiling Light

Dawn Collection

April 24, 2018

Dawn Collection – LEDS C4

The Dawn collection, from the Decorative range, is a collection of luminaries with a timeless design, designed to provide high functionality, versatility and elegance.

  • Available in wall, living room floor and hanging light versions, it offers comfort and functions that satisfy lighting needs at different times of day, such as a half-barrel touch dimmer on the living room floor version, revolving blades with a 360° rotation, adjustable light intensity or a telescopic pendant light for height selection on installation..
  • Due to its characteristics this collection is ideal for residential use, transitory areas and living rooms or for hotel and restaurant projects through the use of repeated elements.

Made from injected aluminium and finished in white, this design evokes a clean and serene style, with a colour temperature of 3000 K. Its high output and lumens guarantees complete lighting with the minimum number of elements (pendant: 3200 lm, wall and floor: 2328 lm).

Dawn, A 360° design for the comprehensive lighting of a space

+ Dawn Light – Wall Fixture – Pendant – Floor Lamp

I Wall Fixture

II Pendant Light

III Floor Lamp