Drone Light

Drone Collection – LEDS C4

Designed by Manel Lluscà this deco-tech wall light introduces gold as a new interior finish. The collection is growing, offering a large variety of combinations to its white or dark brown structure, finishing the luminaire with a chrome, copper or gold diffuser.

  • This personalisation gives professionals a unique and eclectic piece, with metallic finishes that brings style to any space, combining aesthetics and functionality.
  • The aluminium structure provides high quality and durability, it is available in 2700 K and two power outputs 550 – 1100 lm, ensuring visual comfort and warm lighting.
  • Due to its dual functionality as a wall and ceiling light, Drone is ideal for hospitality projects and display in transitory areas and as a light source above the bed, given it can be rotated 360° in total silence. As well as being an intelligent option, its LED technology will appeal to those who are looking for energy saving and high efficiency.

Drone, A fashionable piece with many functions.

+ Drone Light – Wall Fixture – Ceiling Light