Introducing LEDS C4 Light in India

An office should be designed to bring out productivity and reflect the company’s image. Installing high-performance lighting solutions goes a long way in creating an efficient working environment. Importantly, when clients come visiting, office décor can make lasting impressions even before business discussions are initiated. Likewise, home decor reflects the essence of one’s personality and keeps the mind and body well energized leading to a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

To partner with you in your endeavor to create impactful interiors for home and office spaces, D41 World Trading LLP brings you LEDS-C4 lighting products. Headquartered in Tora, Spain, LEDS-C4 has over 40 years of expertise in design, development and manufacturing of lighting solutions serving over 13,000 customers in 140 countries worldwide. D41 World Trading LLP exclusively brings LEDS-C4 within your reach in India, having over 5000 lighting and allied products to offer.

Our wide array of indoor and outdoor lighting systems can work together to combine form, fit and functionality bearing in mind sustainability, environment, resource optimization and aesthetics. We specialize in designer lights and fans, technical and general lighting products as well as ambient lighting. Our expertise lies in understanding your needs and creating designs that complement your infrastructure. Intense research has shown us how light can influence different spaces and the way we perceive them. We apply that knowledge in the development of innovative designs and have now mastered the art of using light as a tool to enrich living spaces. Our clientele of interior designers, architects, lighting consultants and landscaping designers choose our products to bring their ideas to life. They repeatedly rely on our designs and expertise to strengthen their own brands. To us, this is a testimony of our excellence. We illuminate to motivate. We keep you in the spotlight.


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