Xena Bollard

Xena Bollard – LEDS C4

  • Discreet and elegant bollard, Xena Surface has been designed to mark walkways with attractive lighting effects.
  • Its easy installation give it great functionality as it does not require a mounting box because its gear is included inside.
  • Xena Surface is the new surface mounted ground light from the outdoor range.
  • With a unique design, this luminaire is specially designed for lighting transitory areas and flooring in general with seductive lighting effects.
  • This compact piece stands out due to its easy installation as it does not require drainage or the use of a flush mounted box to install it.
    • Driver included, despite its slim size. Double cable output for easy installation.
    • IP 65: Excellent water resistance. Excellent resistance, Recessed and drainage is not required.
    • Includes a double cable output for installation in line.
    • Resistant up to 800 kg.
    • Made of high purity aluminium and sandblasted prior to painting to ensure weather resistance and optimum durability.
    • Cree LED light source with 3-Step MacAdam and a guaranteed average life of L70/B30.
    • Made in a colour temperature of 4000K and including a filter accessory to adjust it to 3000K.
  • Available in 4000 K, or 3000 K with the help of a filter included with the piece, it has a range of 168 – 672 lm, and sufficient flow to light any transitory area.
  • Depending on the lighting needs required by the project, it is available with one, two or four beams of light.
  • It also includes a driver inside the luminaire and dual cable entry to enable chain installation

Xena, Easy installation, no drainage or flush mounted box required