Outdoor General Lights

Outdoor General Lights

Primary use of outdoor lighting is during night time to illuminate outdoor areas for improved visibility, security, and aesthetics. However, it is important to understand how much of exterior illumination is sufficient enough and how to balance the need for light while minimizing light pollution and increasing energy efficiency. Illumination levels lower or higher than the optimum level reduce visibility and are unable to serve the purpose. Forlight brings you high-powered energy saving fixtures that meet your lighting needs and suit your budgetary requirements

Outdoor lighting covers a wide range of applications, including building facade illumination, landscape lighting(parks/ sculptures), waterproof lighting, floodlight/sports lighting, Street and Roadway lighting, Parking Lot and Garage illumination and Signage lighting.

I Uplight Recessed

II Recessed Wall Fixture

III Spotlights

VII Classic

VIII Pendants