Gea Collection

Gea Outdoor Collection – LEDS C4

Gea Downlight

  • Outdoor downlight designed for mounting on any surface type.
  • Its compact design is eyecatching and its gear is housed in a minimum luminaire height of 9 cm and diameter of 19 cm.
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 316, making it highly suitable for installation in seaside settings.
  • Two different lens angles, 16º and 40º.
  • CRI 85, Two colour temperatures: 3000K and 4000K..

Gea Power Led Pro

  • This is the brand’s most technical and professional range and its functionality is clear: floor-integrated vertical architectural lighting, designed to satisfy the most demanding functionality and durability requirements, whilst having a functional and modern design.
  • The new Gea Power Led Pro incorporates three different optics (10°/29°/61°) in order to maximise the control of the lighting of any project with these specific needs.
  • Double Protection,Increased safety and protection of electronic components during installation.
  • This uplight has 1,667 lumens and high quality LED CREE with an excellent colour rendering index (CRI85) and is available in two colour temperatures – 3000 K and 4000 K.
  • With a unique design, the importance of protecting the electronic components and therefore keeping the Led and driver in the area where the connection terminal block is located both isolated and watertight, has been taken into account in order to guarantee its lifespan.

Gea Signaling

  • Gea Signaling is the smallest product in the Gea range.
  • A small recessed beacon fitted in walls or floors designed to mark walkways.
  • Designed to provide precise and repeated lighting for pedestrian walkways.
    • Includes 5 colour filters (red, blue, green, yellow and 3000K).
    • Long guaranteed average life of L70/B30.
    • No driver or drainage required (fully watertight luminaire)
    • Guaranteed mechanical resistance IK05.
    • Suitable for seaside settings.

Gea, The Complete Outdoor Lighting Collection