Cubik Bollard

Cubik Bollards – LEDS C4

Thinking about the typical bollard with a timeless and neutral design is thinking about Cubik Led.
This range, which already had a version in E27, is now available with LED technology, therefore offering a highly sought after collection of IP65 bollards with integrated LEDs which aim to create general lighting in outdoor environments.

  • Available in 3 heights; wall-mounted, 65 cm bollard and 1 m bollard, it satisfies a wide range of requirements such as its installation in countries or areas exposed to prolonged periods of snow using the 1 m bollard.
  • All versions of Cubik Led have 1,520 lumens and a colour temperature of 3000 K.
  • Made from aluminium and polycarbonate which gives the piece great strength, this bollard is compatible with template and bolts 71-09956 to fix it to concrete flooring.
  • The design and features of Cubik Led make it a versatile piece that can be used in many projects, both for professional and domestic purposes.

Cubik Led,Timeless design and versatility.