Cosmos Led

Cosmos Led – LEDS C4

LEDS-C4’s new Cosmos Led wall and ceiling light collection has been designed using the deco-tech concept and has the aim of professionally lighting facades and terraces of hotels, public areas and residences, providing a decorative touch. The two decorative rings included and the hidden screws enables maximum integration into the given space.

  • A unique design and some excellent features such as the IP65 optical block, make this collection an essential element for lighting and decorating any space that requires an adaptable and versatile piece.
  • Also, because of the high quality materials and manufacturing procedures used it is suitable for seafront installation, due to its resistance to those environments with marine atmospheres.
  • The wall light is available in three sizes, two finishes – light grey and urban grey, and in two types of light emissions – mono-emission and dual-emission.
  • For the first time it also includes a beam angle of 15° and 36° to achieve greater control of the light.
  • The ceiling light is available in two sizes and three finishes – light grey, urban grey and white and is offered in open angle to be able to illuminate a larger surface area.
  • Made from aluminium and glass, there is a driver inside the luminaire, a range of 1,046 to 3,712 lumens and Led 3000 K with a high colour rendering index (CRI80).

Cosmos Led, a Value Added Collection.